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Week 4

Monday 6th April, 2020 - Friday 10th April, 2020


Every morning students recite The Lord's Prayer, The Bahamian National Anthem & The Pledge of Allegiance​. Please join them and help encourage the correct posture for each activity. The Pledge of Allegiance is presented by a student of T3.

LESSON  1: Letters

Target: Learning to write their first name

Continue working with your child to form the letters of their first name. Print a blank tracing sheet for your child to practice on. 

*Parents, would you kindly draw out the "dashed-guide" for your child's name so that they can trace over it. (A tracing alphabet guide is provided for parents to know how to construct standard letters)

LESSON  2: Counting

Target: Developing Counting Skills

Is your counting skills improving? Parents, see how high your child can count. We encourage students to practice this skill daily. Count everything! Count your fingers, count your toes, keep counting  as high as you can go!

LESSON  3: Picture Recognition

Target: Identifying common objects, animals, animals, shapes etc.

The videos below show pictures of common items your child should know. In making learning fun and meaningful, help your child make connections with real life objects around in their everyday environments. Assist your child if they are met with a challenge. Remember, to be creative and have fun :)

LESSON  4: Move Your Body

Target: Following directions and have fun moving parts of the body through action songs below.


1. Don't forget to review week 1, 2 and 3.


2. Feel free to explore the "Additional Resources" to keep your child's 

attention and imagination stimulated while at home.

3. Continue to make Potty Time meaningful to your child! 

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