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Week 1

Monday 16th March 2020 - Friday 20th March 2020


In our daily routine, there are songs and sing alongs that we thoroughly enjoy. Sing and dance along with your young ones to some of our favorite songs. You may be amazed by how much they know!


At this age, effective learning is based on repetition and interaction. In our class we love to sing and dance!

Throughout the next few weeks, students are encouraged to review or learn their colors, numbers, letters, shapes, fruits, body parts, animals and everyday objects (eg. door)

Parents are encouraged to explore the "Additional Resources" we have provided to access more activities.


How many colors do you know?


Let's count everyone!


Color sheet: Print. Students will count and color the spots on the dog with parental guidance. 

Counting Activity: Click tab below. Follow the instructions of the video. Pause the video as necessary to give students the opportunity to count at their pace.

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