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Week 2

Monday 24th March 2020 - Friday 28th March 2020


Every morning students recite The Lord's Prayer, The Bahamian National Anthem & The Pledge of Allegiance​. Please join them and help encourage the correct posture for each activity. The Pledge of Allegiance is presented by a student of T3.

LESSON  1: Literacy

Target: Letter Association

The literacy video below helps kids develops a connection between the alphabet and objects. As you go through the video with your child, emphasize the letter sounds with each object until they begin to demonstrate strength, independence and understanding of the lesson. Students will also continue practicing letter sounds. Today's lesson is accompanied by a story entitled "The Alphabet Book" by P.D. Eastman and an ABC game below. Enjoy!

LESSON  2: Math

Target: Count from 1 to 20

Students will review their numbers by counting along with the videos below. For students that have mastered counting to 20 can freely move on to 50, then 100. A video count along has been provided for each level. If your child have mastered counting to 100 we encourage you to use our additional resources to further challenge kids.

Storytime is a fun little book we thought to share with the class entitled "Let's Count Goats" by Mem Fox.

LESSON  3: Opposites

Target: Learn basic opposing terms such as: up/down, in/out, big/small, tall/short, wet/dry, stop/go, happy/sad, good/bad, hot/cold, fast/slow, sit/stand, clean/dirty

The "Opposite Videos" provided must be guided for effective learning to occur. Select the opposing terms listed above along with a few others that you feel would be appropriate for your child. Assess their knowledge of the concepts daily at different times to observe what they know. (eg. when washing hands)

LESSON  4: Animals

Target: Review the different animals that live on a farm and the sounds that they make.

Students will review the farm animals. While developing their listening skills by identifying what sounds they hear, students should also be able to describe what color an animal is or perhaps their size (eg. big or small).


1. Don't forget to review week 1.


2. Feel free to explore the "Additional Resources" to keep your child's 

attention and imagination stimulated while at home.

3. Don't stop pottying training time. Encourage your child during potty time, it's how they get better at it. Oh, and don't forget to wash our hands :)

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