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Week 4

Monday 6th April, 2020 - Friday 10th April, 2020


Every morning students are encouraged to say The Lord's Prayer, The Bahamian National Anthem & The Bahamian National Pledge​. Please join them and help enforce the correct posture for each activity.


Students will learn about animals that live under the sea.

Students will be shown and given several pictures of animals that live on land and under the sea.

Allow students to categorize each animal on the paper based on their correct habitat.

*Parents, please explain as best as you can the meaning of land and the meaning of the sea.

Land: in trees, in caves, jungle, here on earth

Sea: water 

E.g- This is a gorilla. 🦍 

A gorilla lives on land. On land meaning the jungle. 


This is a fish.🐟 

A fish lives in the sea or in the water.


Students will be introduced to the letter Hh.

Students will also identify the following objects at home that begin with the letter Hh:  Hat,  Hands,  Heart,  Hair,  Hanger,  Headphone,  Hamper.

Then, students will watch the video and complete the activity provided below.


Students will form the letter Hh using:

           (a)  pieces of string & glue or

           (b)  paper cuttings & glue


Students will engage in music and movement by listening to and singing along with their new nursery rhyme of the month: I'm a little teapot. 

After singing, students will color and decorate the teapot picture.


Students will count from one to ten. Review each number. 

Students will learn about the number 10. They will identify the number 10, trace and count 10 objects. 


Today, students will practice tracing their first and last names. 

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