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Where is the school campus located?

Pembroke Academy Early Learning Center is located on Soldier Road in the Seahorse Institute Building.


Directions ​

From Prince Charles:

  • Head North

  • The campus is two lots before Woodlawn Gardens (A blue & white building)

  • The parking entrance is through the Telecommunication Corner

How much is school tuition?


(3 Months - 12 Months)                      $150/week                         $600/month                       $1,800/term


T1 (12 Months - 24 Months)               $150/week                         $600/month                       $1,800/term

T2 (24 Months - 36 Months)              $150/week                         $600/month                       $1,800/term

T3 (3 Years)                                          $150/week                         $600/month                       $1,800/term

Can I visit the school?

On a regular basis we would welcome and encourage parents to visit our facilities. However, due to COVID-19 indoor pedestrian traffic is not allowed at this time. For further information in regards to touring our center, please contact our office.

What are the scheduled nap-times?

For the nursery, nap times are unpredictable and the babies are not on an organized schedule for sleeping. Nap time for the Toddlers is from 1 - 2:30pm. 

When and how are children skills assessed?

Formal Assessments are conducted twice per year. These assessments not only help parents to understand where their child is in his or her development, but also what areas can be strengthened. We incorporate both informal and standardized assessments during the year, as well as noting the individuality of each child relative to his or her own progress.

These assessments guide us, as educators, in developing our curriculum so that it matches the needs of the children in the class. Teachers’ observations of a child reflect the child’s growth and needs, both as an individual and as part of a group. This plays an important role in the day-to-day plans of the class.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are held twice per year, immediately following the completion of assessments. If we have a concern about your child’s development, a conference is required regardless of age. Conferences may also be requested at other times by either parents or teachers as the need arises.

Is there a meal plan?

Yes. Parents are encouraged to register for the meal plan. Our meal plan offers an exciting and diverse  meal choices that toddlers are sure to love. 

The plan includes breakfast, lunch and desserts. All meals are served with 100% fruit juices, milk or water.

What are the educational backgrounds of Pembroke  Teachers?

Our teachers are certified and hold the mandated accreditation requirements. Many of our teachers have obtained a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education, while there are others who hold their Masters Degree or other advanced degrees and certificates.

How often is the facility cleaned?

There is a thorough cleaning of the center at the end of each school day. Additionally, the teachers themselves are diligent about sanitizing all surfaces when necessary, including after eating.  All toys, playground items and materials are regularly cleaned and replaced as needed.

Is the school secure?

We take the safety of our campus very seriously. Although the aim further develop our surveillance system, Pembroke provides:

  • gated community with a security officer

  • exterior surveillance of premise

  • secured front door entry

  • only authorized admittance

  • conventional sign-in and sign-out procedure

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